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Since 1983 we have been expressing our passion for lighting through the creation of lamps and chandeliers made exclusively with our hands, here in Italy.


We are faithful to our desire to design and create unique pieces, both for the craftsmanship quality and for the selection of the precious materials that we use in our only laboratory, in Sicily.

We want, more than anything else, that our customers can always choose an object with an evident artistic inspiration.  


Crystal, Murano glass, brass, gold leaf, wrought iron, wood and decorations - made strictly by hand - are the elements with which we forge our objects that we ship all over the world.


Maurizio Gullotta

General Manager and Designer

Firma Gullotta_clipped_rev_1_edited.png

Everything rises from the design and the hands of Maurizio Gullotta who, with his collaborators, today creates specimens with a strong artistic vocation.


Objects intended to illuminate both private and public environments, offering originality, quality of raw materials, skill of the decorations.


Maurizio Gullotta's experience was born in 1982, two years after the diploma of industrial electronic expert, when, as an employee for the prestigious Ilar Industria Lampadari, he learned the construction techniques for the production of lighting, until he became a recognized technical producer, thanks to the precision and attention to detail of each product made. This also represented an opportunity to show an untiring creativity that made use of a remarkable manual skill.


It was in 1987 that he founded his first artisan company in partnership, which put him in contact with other and numerous professionals and realities, such as those representative of the Florentine style.


And it is precisely from these encounters that his creativity finds the right dimension of expression, which soon materializes in the creation of furnishing accessories and wrought iron beds.


At this point the group of collaborators also increased from the commercial point of view, with the involvement of sales agents representing, which allow greater visibility on the territory and allowing the production of Gullotta to be noticed.


The most qualified and prominent retailers on the market begin to appreciate the production of its handcrafted items which soon translate into very respectable numbers of orders and turnover.


In 1993 the team consisted of 12 collaborators and 3 sales agents who covered the market of Sicily, Calabria and Abruzzo.


In 1994, another step of visibility and appreciation was reached by participating in trade fairs, such as the Mediterranean Fair in Palermo, the Emaia di Vittoria, the Bride Fair in Taormina and the Messina International Trade Fair.


Soon also the architects and interior designers approached the company reality of Gullotta to activate collaborations and in 1995 the lighting fixtures of Gullotta were already chosen by a demanding and selected clientele, such as the renowned Il Vittoriale restaurant in Catania, the Lachea in Acitrezza and also by religious bodies attentive to the more artistic aspects, such as the Church of Calatabiano near Taormina.

The constant passion has fueled the desire to do well and to continue learning further techniques and styles.

In fact, in 1997 Gullotta decided to attend the professional training courses organized by the Futus Sistem Corporation to consolidate his professionalism even more deeply.


With the corporate experience closed, in recent years Gullotta gets back into the game with the aim of opening a company with a rigorously artisan laboratory and in full autonomy.


It reaches international markets thanks to its presence on prestigious and recognized platforms of art, furniture and lighting objects.


Flanked by managers and professionals, the style of realization of the products, as well as that of the management of the entrepreneurial reality, project him on global markets with a vocation as a leader for quality, refinement and price positioning that wants to appeal to anyone who is able to recognize a handcrafted luminaire produced entirely by hand and in Italy.

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